Welcome to Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club

Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club run two teams. The "Firsts" play in the Caledonian League and the "Seconds" play in the Greater Glasgow League. Both play their games predominantly on a Saturday afternoon in the village of Eaglesham.

If you are a footballer, you could be what Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club are looking for! Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club is well run, with a highly committed Manager and Committee. We are amateur in name only.

We are always on the look out for players for all positions and would welcome anyone who wants to come along and see what we as a Club can offer.

Why not contact us via this web site if you want to play with the mighty HAMS

Tote Leaderboard

Welcome to the Champions League Tote Leaderboard 2017

Find below the most recently updated Leaderboard


Matchday 6 - Part 1

"The Difference" still holds a one point lead with only 3 matches left tonight, ahead of "Inter Me Nan". Ben Davies and Robert Taylor are both a further point behind.

Others slightly lower than this will need to have a pretty much perfect score of 15 out of 15 if they are to take the Top spot at the end of tonight.

The top score last night was 10 points out of 15, which quite a few people achieved, too many to name indiviually, but well done if you got this score. Best of luck to all the contenders tonight!


Matchday 6 - Part 2

Hi folks, this is the updated table after Part 2 of Matchday 6 of the Champions League Tote 2017. This is the FINAL leaderboard!


"The Difference" has won this year's Champions League Tote, with a score of 88 points, winning by 2 points from tied second of Robert Taylor and Ben Davies. All 3 managed to score 8 points last night of of a possible 15.

Congratualtions to "The Difference" for winning, which identity will remain annoymous for the safety of all his friends and family, though I'm sure most of the winnings will be spent in a local Eaglesham establishment.

The top score last night was 13 points out of 15, so well done to Terry Doherty who managed to predict that the Man City and Spurs scores correctly, and understandably never got 7-0 for Liverpoool but a Liverpool victory nonetheless.


Thanks to everyone who competed in the 2017 Champoins League Tote!




Champions League Tote Leaderboard 2017
After Games on : 07 December
Name Points
"The Difference" 88
Robert Taylor 86
Ben Davies 86
Inter Me Nan 85
Cubstar 81
Alan Chesney 81
Ian Robertson 81
Paul Graham 3 80
Fraser Stern 80
Roddy King 80
Carmelle Morrison 80
El Goalie 80
Stuart Robertson 80
Craig Burns 79
Stuart King 79
D Riddell 79
Alex McNairn 79
Neil Kyle   79
Gary Davidson 79
Ian Downie 79
Tats 5 79
James Dunlop 79
David McKeon 78
Paul Graham 2 78
Stephen Millar 78
G Mac 78
David Reid 78
Joey 77
Jenna Redshaw 77
Priyanka Sharma 77
Scott Lappin 1 77
Craig Jackson 77
Graeme Robb 77
John Inglis 77
Corky 2 76
Wesley Young 76
Mason Baird 76
Andrew Woodrow 76
John McColl 76
Greg Pennant 76
Ally Young 76
Cubby 75
Terry Doherty 75
Jamie Baird 75
El Goalie 2 75
Paul Graham 1 74
John Heffron   74
Steven Scott 3 74
Lewis Marshall 74
Gavin Doherty 2 74
Jack Glen 74
John Little 73
Ian Graham  73
Graeme Orr 73
James McMahon 73
Mikey Roberts 73
Robbie Wotherspoon 1 73
Michael Doherty Sr 72
Jim Irvine 72
Fraser Brown 72
Alan Bruce 72
Gazi 72
Puggy 72
Liam McBride 1 72
Bob Paterson 71
Melissa Quinn 71
A Thomson 71
Raymond Hurst 71
Stephanie Brown 71
Helen Hislop 71
Kevin Sims 71
Allan Cuthbertson 71
Margaret Mutch 70
Stuart Syme 70
Jonathan Helstrip 70
Robert Paterson 70
Taylor McConnell 70
Steven Boyd 70
Neil Kyle 2 70
Yau-Loon Yim 70
Alan Gibson 70
Darren Doherty 70
Calum McGowan 70
Craig McMaster 70
Chris McMurray 70
Patrick Connelly 2 70
Martyn Montgomery 69
Corky 3 69
Steven Scott 2 69
Paul McNairn 69
Russell Aird 69
Meghan McArthur 69
Tats 1 69
Usman Ali 69
Danny Robb 69
Greg Jardine 69
Ryan McLean 68
Simon Booth 68
Bryan Little 68
Derek Stewart 68
Kevin Tonner 68
Geoff Cruickshanks 68
Graeme Cuthbertson 68
Colin MacDonald 68
Stephen Wright 67
S McGurk 67
Bart Simonis 67
Robbie Wotherspoon 2 67
Neal Robb 67
Peter Munro 66
Damzy 66
John Tweedie 66
Kieran Lyons 66
Mick Anderson 66
Steven Scott 1 66
Fraser Stewart 66
Graham White 66
Tats 4 66
Chris Darby 66
Eddie Smyth 65
Martin McCarvey 65
T Millar 65
Steven McKenna 65
Craig Ford 65
Ben O'Neill 65
Peter Lafferty 65
Floyd Pancake-Trumpet 65
James MacLennan 65
Steven Kelly 64
Ian Roberts 64
Michael Doherty Jr 64
Craig McDonald 64
Kelly McLaughlin 64
Andy MacLean 64
Dan Fish 64
Tats 3 64
Brian Potter 63
Colum Bonner 63
Alan Stern 63
Scott Lappin 2 63
Robbie Wotherspoon 3 63
Lawrence Wright 62
B Young 62
Lewis Sadowski 62
Andy Biggin 62
Billy Inglis 62
Scott Robb 62
Danielle McShane 61
Domenico 61
Mark Robinson 61
Iain Rodger 61
Patrick Connelly 1 61
John McCann 60
Mark McGowan 60
Stuart Martin 60
Davey Bonar 60
Kenny Lappin 59
Sean "The Leader" Donnelly 59
Tats 2 59
Scott Denniston 59
Matt Carlin 59
Daryl Connelly 59
Corky 1 58
Nigel McDonald 58
Gavin Doherty 1 58
Calum Cheshire 58
Derek Morgan FC (Hero) 57
Jed Hawksworth 57
Steven McCluskey 56
Stephen Karanikki 56
Brian McShane 56
Steve Borley 55
Paul Mooney 55
Euan McGonigle 55
Justin Steele 55
Jacqui Hughes 55
Tam McLaughlin 55
Mark McDevitt 55
Albert Higgins 54
Stuart Ireland 1 54
Frankie Mooney 53
Wullie Bark 53
Margaret McNairn 53
Puggy's Bitch 53
Mary Cubby 2 53
Liam McBride 2 53
Kieran Donaldson 52
Keith Cheshire 52
Brian Rogan 51
Demi Weir 51
Stuart Ireland 2 50
Sean Paton 48
Mark Lyons 47
Lianne Wilson 46
Fiona Cheshire 46
Abbie McKinna 45
Kerry Weir 44
Ollie Downs 42
Ricky Gilmour 41
John Heffron Snr 39
Anne Marie Millar 37
Elizabeth Doherty 26
Mary Cubby 1 24

90th Anniversary Celebrations


We are proud to be celebrating our 90th Anniversary this year as Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club and are planning a number of events throughout this year to mark this occasion.

So on that note, we are happy to announce that we are running a Festival of Football & Fun Day in the village to commemorate the occasion.


Our festival will run over the Friday night and Saturday of the 20th and 21st of May, at our home, the ‘Burnside’ Playing Fields.

There will be a wide range of activities on the day, with more than just the football, activities for all the family.

We want to encourage as many people as possible from the village and beyond to bring family and friends, and come down and help us celebrate this event with us.


More details for everything that is happening with times, can be found on our poster here, but also have a leaflet attached here to read at your leisure.

If you would like to know anything more, have any questions for us, please contact us through this website, on our Facebook or Twitter page, or through anyone who is connected with the club, and we will get back to you as soon as we can in whatever way is convenient to you.



Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the day!

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Beatson Donation


The above picture shows Eaglesham AFC representative Archie Scott present a cheque for £500 to Janet Grove from the Beatson Onocology Centre.  The money was raised when the Club's main sponsor - The Eglinton Arms Hotel - sponsored a Comedy Night at the hotel in aid of both the Club and the Beatson Unit.

The Club wish to thank all those who attended the fundraising night and to Carolyn Stark at the "Eg" and her staff for the excellent way they looked after all who attended

For more, check out the article in the local Extra Newspaper - http://www.glasgowsouthandeastwoodextra.co.uk/news/local-headlines/eagle...


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