Football began in Eaglesham in the early part of the 20th century with the activities of the side at Junior level. This photograph was taken around 1912 on the original playing fields where the manse now stands. It was only later that the team moved to the Burnside. Eaglesham Amateurs came to being from this team in 1926.

Players-Joe Smith, Jimmy Watson, Charlie Watson, J Smith, James Montgomery, Allan Brown, Jonny McWilliams, Willie Brown, Jimmy McKinnon, Matt Melville, William Montgomery. Officials- Peter Shallon, Jimmy Gemmell, Tam Watson, Joe Smith

Newlandsfield & District Cup Winners 1932

Although this picture was not taken at the time of the match it is the basis of the team that won the Newlandsfield and District Cup in 1932 under the coaching of a certain John Roy Inglis the Great Grandfather of our current player Steven Inglis.

Ball Trophy Winners 1951 (2nd Team)

Coronation Cup Winners 1953

This is the team that won the 1953 Coronation Cup at Hampden Park. The mascot for this match was none other than George McIntyre, father of our present top goalscorer Scott. The player next to “young” George is John Malone who can be seen below scoring in the famous Hampden goals before they became a feature in Rod Stewart’s garden.

Second Division Champions 1953 & 1987

First Division Champions 1963

Sixth Division Champions 1969

Colin Munro Cup Winners 1971

Third Division Champions 1985

Promoted from SAFL Premier Division 2 2001

Runners up in SAFL League Cup 2000

Winners of SAFL Premier Division 2 2005

Runners up in SAFL League Cup 2006

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